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Отзыв на беседу: Семеник Дмитрий Геннадьевич, психолог. Автор:
Dear Mr. Semenyk,

My name is Olga and I am from the Republic of Moldova, Kisinau.
First of all I beg your pardon for writing to you in English, my Russian is just too poor to expres properly in this letter my thoughts.
I am very happy and pleased to write to you in order to express my greatfulness for the huge work that you and your colleagues and psychologists are doing for helping the souls that are looking for living a life according to the Orthodox priciples and the rules of love.
Particularly, I want to thank you for the books as Kak izbavitisea ot straha and Napolni jizn liuboviu,that I have red recently translated in Romanian,and helped me to find important answers to some problems of my life and to understand how I need to change myself in order to love more, to make more good things and to be a light for my family,colleagues and other people, not a dark point.
I have grown in a materialist family, far from God. We were going to the church just on Easter, and maybe Christmas. I am sorry to say that the love in my family almost missed, it was only discipline and the rutine of day-by-day life, and a lot of arguments between my parents. Maybe because of this I am an introvert person, I am not married till today, and I have few friends. I did not have positive influences from my relatives.
Later, when I became a student, one day I simply started to go to the church, alone. But only recently, after being far from my country for almost a year and a half and discovering serious problems of my health, I fully became aware of my sins, I confessed them and I decided to change my life, to stop to be a cold person, with harsh feelings. I am greateful to God that now I feel better and the most important problems that I had are solved. I have an excellent relation with my brother who is my best friend.
Also, I recognize that a few years ago I started to read Orthodox books written by Russian Orthodox psychologists like you(ex. Konstantin V. Zorin), and the studies and lessons of such personalities like Saint Nikolai Velimirovich, Saint Luka of Crimea, Saint Ignatii Brianchianinov, Mitropolitan Anthony of Suroj, etc. A very strong impression produced on me the Life of the Saint Vasilii the Great.
After becoming more close to the Orthodox Church by attending to the church services, not only on the occasion of the great holidays, but during simple Sudays also, by listening the advices of the priests, confessing my sins and with the help of the good Orthodox books, as I exemplified above, I pray to God to help me to change my life and to give the power to find the right person to make a family and to help those in need.
I wish you all the best, Mr. Semenyk, health, clear minds and may God protect you and help you to write articles and books that can help persons as me and the others in need. God bless you!

P.S. Thank you in advance for finding little time to read my letter.

Olga , возраст: 33 / 29.08.2021

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